Professional CV Writing Services in Dublin

At present, the employment situation in Ireland is picking up once again in Ireland, but it must be said, there is still quite a way to go, when it comes to a return of the great boom of the 90’s. Gone are the days when you hardly needed a good CV to sell yourself. It can not be overstated that good research into the different companies that you will be applying for, is absolutely essential in getting you to the interview stage. And obviously, you as a person, your skills, talents and achievements are the number one reason you will be hired, but what about a designer CV or Cover Letter?

A good cover letter, as well as a neatly designed CV is the most essential part of applying for a job in Ireland. The following are threee golden rules we use here at

– 7 Seconds: You got 7 seconds to make an impression. That is how long your CV will be scanned. This is why we put huge importance on designing your CV to make it different from the rest. It will instantly stand out as a CV that works.

– Know your Worth: We give the potential employer the relevant information immediately. We use specific keywords we know that they will be searching for. Vagueness is something we discourage. When it comes to CV’S and selling your talents to potential recruiters, we talk directly.

– Be Realistic: Being realistic about your past achievements, and open to learning is very important. Many people think they have to exaggerate on their resumes. This is a big red flag for employers as they really need to know that they are getting in you as an employee. Everything comes back to honesty.

Remember, the reason we are so successful is that we honestly believe EVERYBODY should have their CV designed and written by a third party, so they in turn can make YOU stand out.  In other words a professional CV Writing Service is the best investment you can make. We guarantee you will see the results within weeks!!

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