Where can I get help with my CV in Ireland?

Where can I get help with my CV?
There are a number of places, some more effective than others. Many employment centres will be happy to point you in the right direction and there are workshops run through intreo, however; a lot of these can be quite generic and realistically do not fulfil the level of tailoring and personal touch required to really market you as an asset to an employer.

The most successful solution is to seek a professional CV writing service like www.procv.ie

These can incorporate aspects of your personality and skills you may not have realised you possessed. Aside from the neutral judgement of your capabilities as an employee, many employers will recognise that you have taken the time & due diligence required by utilising a professional service. This immediately demonstrates to them that you are open to using different means and can acknowledge situations that require outsourcing to complete. It demonstrates willingness to delegate and this is appreciated in a work environment.