I have looked at the Cover letter and CV and I am very happy with them both. I am extremely happy with it all, thanks for your work.
David G, Area Sales Manager
Looks and reads brilliant, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks Seanie
Roy. K (Sales and Business Development)
I am very happy with that. I have read through it and all seems perfect. I just had to edit my mobile number but all is good now. Thanks so very much, I very much appreciate that.
Michelle (Retail Sales)

WHAT OUR clients say

"Very happy with the service, especially at such short notice. My old CV was doing me no favours. Amazing CV. Thanks again."
Hilary - HR Manager - uk
"Thanks again Seanie. As you could see, my 11 page CV was all over the place. I cannot believe you got it down to 2 pages and still kept the core aspects of my experience. Excellent Job. I would not hesitate in passing on your details"
thomas - offshore pipefitter
"CV looks brilliant. How you managed to fit into 2 pages was incredible. CV looks so much different and so much better. I have added the dates as requested. It was too Project Management focused and also removed mention of COMPANY. But am sure this can be amended when applying for different type of roles? Again you have done an incredible job. I agree my different roles have not exactly been consistent so it did make it harder to edit but you did it better than I could have ever dreamed of doing. Other than minor changes I am thrilled with what you have done for me. Eddie, Technology Director/Territory Manager "
Timmie Sull

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    Seanie, Aye, the rest looks perfect. Worded a million times better than I had mine. Thanks so much. Paul C, Leisure Center Manager
    Paul C, Leisure Center Manager
    Thanks Seanie and will do, that was a remarkable bit of work and very different to any copywriter I’ve worked with in the past.
    Mark H, Management Professional
    Seanie, Thank you for sending these documents across. I am happy with their format and content, and here's hoping they will bring positive change. Have a lovely day and thank you again for all the work. Bianca
    Bianca, HR Manager


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