The Recruitment Process – Internal or External?

Recruitment processes
There are many recruitment techniques that can be used to attract candidates to a specific job offer. These can be grouped, basically, into two types or sources of recruitment: internal and external. The HR departments tend to be in charge of the recruitment function in most companies, although the recruitment methods are very varied. The recruiter begins his work identifying the vacancies that exist in the organization through the planning of human resources or at the request of the HR managers.

The recruiting process begins with the search for candidates and then job applications are received. It consists of attracting a number of experienced people in a timely manner, in sufficient numbers and with the right competencies. Before doing this, it is important to specify the number of people that are required approximately (depending on the local market offer). Proper recruitment policies, therefore, will help to acquire a certain number of strong applicants for the job, from which the next employees will be selected.

Internal Recruitment
The recruitment is internal when, when a given vacancy occurs, the company attempts to fill it by relocating the employees or hiring internal employees, which can be promoted or transferred with promotion or their abilities.

There are several advantages to hiring ‘In-House’ both in time and in money. In addition to knowing the formation, the knowledge and the capacity to develop in the institution of the candidate, the selected employee will have a greater knowledge about the company, its culture, its norms (formal and informal). With the internal recruitment process, the organization takes advantage of the different training activities carried out with its workers, optimizing the investment made to that end. But, above all, internal recruitment has positive effects on the motivation of the workers, improving the general climate of the group.

External Recruitment
The recruitment is external when a certain vacancy is filled with external people or candidates attracted by the recruitment techniques, advertising and in some cases, head hunters. The advantages of the procedure focuses on bringing innovation and change to the company, as well as taking advantage of the training investments made by other companies. Obviously, this method entails an increase in the cost of the recruitment process, lower rates of success, as well as a demotivation of the rest of the workers for the aforementioned reasons.

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