The Power of LinkedIn in English and Japanese – Getting your CV Online

With the advent of LinkedIn and Xing in Japan and Worldwide, there seems may seem no point having a personal blog and showcasing your CV on it, but for certain professions, especially in the artistic and creative fields, it is extremely important to have an online presence and to showcase your work wherever and whenever one can.  As I said already, offering your curriculum vitae on the Internet is something that is currently done through job portals, especially LinkedIn which currently has well over 300 Million profiles.  The level of competition and the numbers of profiles online is testament to the effectiveness of getting yourself out there. We are now going to explain how take advantage of a free blogging website like blogger or WordPress so that companies are able to find you in job portals and get as much as information as they can in order to evaluate your suitability to the role.

How can I show my Curriculum Vitae on the Internet? 

The opportunity to offer your Curriculum Vitae on the Internet expands the possibilities in which people and companies around the world can access your skills through search engines, such as Google and LinkedIn. The use of search engines on the Internet through the LinkedIn Profile Search, Blogging, social networks and their corresponding positioning can be another means to offer your work experience and professional skills to the world with greater dynamism and efficiency.

Getting your Information on LinkedIn in Both Japanese and English.

The value of job portals as a fundamental method for the search and acquisition of offers is unquestionable, but if you can have your LinkedIn Profile appear on Google, or your Blog on Bing, then one can cover a much wider spectrum of possibilities to be found. There is no point having a LinkedIn Profile if you cannot be found.  Across the Internet, there are literally Millions of companies and people searching for your skills and experience. Why can’t they find you? Japanese employers are now reaching out to the global marketplace in order to find talent that does not exist. If they cannot find it in Tokyo, they can simply search LinkedIn and other job portals in order to match talents and roles.

Jobs Sites in Japan

We have worked with Clients across the Japan and Asia. We currently have clients in:

Kawasaki – Japan,

Tokyo – Japan,
Yokohama – Japan,
Fukuoka – Japan,

Osaka – Japan,
Saitama – Japan,

Nagoya – Japan,

Sapporo – Japan,
Hong Kong

Kobe – Japan,
Kyoto – Japan,

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