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An International English Language CV / Resume Format

Finding a job in a Globally competitive market is not what it used to be. The business of taking your resume and handing in your CV or Resume has become more of a loss of memory, especially if it is written in any language besides English. Even the word curriculum is something that already sounds old. Now, what companies look for candidates is the “Professional Profile” at the top of the CV and an English Language CV that is simple to read, unique and easy to navigate through.

The first thing that multinational companies will want to know about you will be your personal data. We could say that this is almost one of the elimination points in the first screening of a selection process. There are people who do not take very seriously the information within the professional profile and choose to put a false photo or a pseudonym in the name. This is a HUGE ERROR. If you want to give the image of a responsible person who really wants to find a job, you must include all your contact information so that any company can know who you are and how to contact you.

It is advisable to describe in which sector you have worked and what responsibilities you have been responsible for, for example: “A Professional working in the hospitality sector with experience as Chef de Partie in Michelin 2 Star Restaurants”.

On the other hand, there are scenarios where a photo needs to be placed on the right of your professional profile. It is shown after an international analysis of the selection processes, that a professional profile with a professional photo has 70% more possibilities of getting a job interview than those profiles that do not have it.(In the UK and Ireland this may not be the case, more on that later).

We have worked across the Middle East with clients in virtually every Profession. These Include: Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Mecca Saudi Arabia, Medina Saudi Arabia, Sulţānah Saudi Arabia, Dammam Saudi Arabia, Ta’if Saudi Arabia, Tabuk Saudi Arabia, Al Kharj Saudi Arabia, Buraidah Saudi Arabia, Doha Qatar, Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, Bahrain Manama, Muscat Oman,

Professional information
As for your professional information, you must include all the professional experiences that you have had in your career. From any type of practice or temporary work to your most recent job. In this way, companies will know more about you and will know in which areas you have developed professionally.
First you must say the name of your position, that is, manager, clerk, sales executive; and then you must include the related tasks and fucntions. Then, we should include the name of the company in which we have done that work and then in some cases, the industry of that company, which in the case of a hotel would be the hospitality industry.

Do you have the certificates, diplomas, degrees? Have you finished a specialization course in aesthetics? Do not forget to put it! keep in mind that when a dessert carries more sugar, it is sweeter. The professional profile is the same: the more information you include, the more attractive it will be for companies.

We live in a world where Language is everything and in a Global marketplace, it can mean everything. With this in mind, do not forget to down all of the languages you speak, the level and if you have done a course.

Professional skills
Although it may seem like a “weird” section, it will serve to demonstrate your strengths in your professional profile. After all, you must strengthen your profile to stand out from the other candidates and thus get that job you are waiting for.

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