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If you are an employee that is thinking of moving to the USA or has a desire to put out the feelers in regards to job and recruitment opportunities in America, then it is extremely important to change your Irish or UK CV into a shorter Resume that is tailored to American Employers, especially if they happen to be large multinational companies such as Google, Facebook or Apple.

Regardless of your seniority within a company or the specific role you are applying for, it is imperative one understands the recruitment culture and hiring ethos of the potential employer they are targeting. There is no point emailing in a 2.5 page CV when the Career Page of the company states ‘A short Resume’ is an absolute requirement of the role. This is especially true with large IT or Tech Companies who are more interested in seeing the main aspects of your experience in relation to Programming Knowledge, Projects completed and Technology utilized in development.

Again. There is no point harping on about your extensive knowledge of Python when they are really looking for an expert in MySQL Databases. Read the specs of the role and keep them in mind when writing every single aspects of the Resume.

Find a list of reputable Resume Companies and Resume Advice Websites targeting companies in the USA.

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