To start the process you can simply upload your current CV on our website by Clicking Here, or email us with any questions you may have. After we receive your CV, a member of our team will review your CV and get back to you with suggestions. As every client has different needs,  we price the work based on the required time and research needed to create a Job-winning CV for you. 


You will receive a payment confirmation after you order.  You will also receive an additional list of questions via email.   Email me back with the information that I need to begin the process. I will take over from there. 

100%. All CV’s are emailed to clients in both PDF and Word formats, so you can edit the files yourself going forward. I am also on hand if you have any further questions. 

Based in Co. Kerry,  I offer an ‘Online Only’ CV writing service that is faster, quicker and more effective then a one-to-one consultation.  I can work on your CV regardless of where you are located (20% of my clients are based outside of Ireland). I am always available to answer any questions via phone, email or LiveChat. 


This is not a problem. I work with all clients until they are 100% happy with their CV. I will go above and beyond in order to ensure you are 100% happy with the service.

As I am a Virtual CV writing service, the fastest way to contact me is via Email or the Contact Form on the website.  You can also speak to by on the LiveChat button on the website. I usually answer within a few hours(Provided it is during working hours).

After you receive Draft 1 via email, I promise to work with you until you are 100% happy and satisfied with your CV.  I have found this system to be the fastest and most effective.

Why invest in a CV; I know MS Office and can do it yourself?

You have spent so much time and energy building a career, going back to education and working hard at your job; only to fail at communicating your core skills, experience and education. Writing your own CV is akin to building a house and describing it as a shed.

It goes without saying that an investment on your CV is the greatest money you will ever spend. Yet many people are still slow to invest in the most important document of their lives, because they feel they can sit at home for an hour and string something together for FREE. But it is not for free. If you think of all the chances lost, the job opportunities you did not get, then writing your own CV is probably the most expensive action you ever undertook. What do most people know about CV’s? Nothing. Who are the people sending in sub-standard CV’s. Most people do not get the interview. 

My clients say

"Very happy with the service, especially at such short notice. My old CV was doing me no favours. Amazing CV. Thanks again."
Hilary - HR Manager - uk
"Thanks again Seanie. As you could see, my 11 page CV was all over the place. I cannot believe you got it down to 2 pages and still kept the core aspects of my experience. Excellent Job. I would not hesitate in passing on your details"
thomas - offshore pipefitter
"CV looks brilliant. How you managed to fit into 2 pages was incredible. CV looks so much different and so much better. I have added the dates as requested. It was too Project Management focused and also removed mention of COMPANY. But am sure this can be amended when applying for different type of roles? Again you have done an incredible job. I agree my different roles have not exactly been consistent so it did make it harder to edit but you did it better than I could have ever dreamed of doing. Other than minor changes I am thrilled with what you have done for me. Eddie, Technology Director/Territory Manager "
Timmie Sull


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