Online Presence for your LinkedIn or CV in South Korea

South Korea, an extremely progressive and vibrant economy that has long since lead the way in access to the internet and the use of the internet and Social Media Job Portals.  Here area few portals that can be utilized in both South Korea and throughout the globe in garnering attention to your profile and CV whilst being ‘out there’ in order to be found by Employers and Recruiters.

Blogger is a good platform on which to build an online Resume  Blog in which you can showcase your CV and offer your work and contact to millions of people around the world.

Social Network dedicated to recruitment  such as Linkedin and Xing are ideal complements to your personal Blog and should  show our skills and professional experience.

Your Google+ profile offers  users a enormous possibilities and extending your network across the Google Plaform. It also has many options for personalizing your online resume or just building a vast network of professional within your field that may or not be based in South Korea. It is up to you.

While there are people who have no reservations when it comes to sharing any type of information on social networks, regarding your work you should reflect online viable information to the the site or the community where You are going to share this information. Remember, it is extremely important to have an international version of your CV or Resume, written by a natural speaker and formatted to suit HR departments that have an international ethos in both their recruitment and business ideas. Every detail counts.

We have assisted clients build their Resumes, CV’s and LinkedIn Profiles in the following Locations:

Seoul South Korea
Busan South Korea
Incheon South Korea
Daegu South Korea
Gwangju South Korea
Suwon South Korea
Goyang-si South Korea
Seongnam-si South Korea
Ulsan South Korea

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