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When was the last time you took time out to update your CV, Resume or Cover Letter?
Did you know that most employers now expect your CV to contain certain fundamental elements that most people miss completely?

The way most CV creation processes go is very simple and quite predictable. You find yourself unemployed or wanting to move Jobs, and you go home of a Monday evening, have a cup of Tea, search the internet and begin the process of writing your own CV. THE MISTAKE IS ALREADY IN MOTION.
Over the space of a few hours, or even days, you write all the information YOU THINK should be on your Curriculum Vitae, and then you format it in a way YOU THINK the perfect CV should look like. Finally, you save it in either PDF or Word format and send it out to companies, recruitment agencies and employment agencies in the hope that you will be called in for an interview. Whether it be in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford or Timbuktu, the chances of ever getting that interview are between slim and none…none being the favorite.


Very often, and in nearly all cases where the job seeker writes their own CV; the employer, recruitment agency, or employment agency does not find the information THEY KNOW they have to find in order to make a realistic assessment of your skills, experience, knowledge and education. It is nearly always too long and written in a way that is hard to dissimulate for even the most astute HR assistant. They place your CV in that dreaded pile, that will be making its way to the shredder or to the TRASH bin in their email inbox.

If you let write and design a CV for you, WE KNOW how to communicate your skills, education, knowledge and experience, in order for the decision maker to be happy to call you in for an interview – based on the useful, accurate, and clearly outlined information on your CV. We know Irish employers extremely well, and we know that in Ireland and abroad, no matter what Job you are applying for, you need to sell yourself in a professional and clear manner.
Make a tiny investment in your future – allow take you to the next level.

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