Linking your CV to Social Networks in Poland and EU

In exactly the same was as with social networks, the information that you show in a Blog will be indexed and analyzed by the search engines so that people who search can access your information and contact you if need be. For the sake of privacy, if you really are going to ‘Put yourself out there’ on the internet, then please do not show your personal phone number  but a contact number purchased exclusively for job searching. Your email must also be different from the one you normally use to avoid the SPAM that exists when posting online. Obviously, private personal data such as housing or other personal data should not be offered in such an open environment. Just make sure that you provide the right information so that the employer can contact you and that you are checking on a regular basis.

Positioning and management of your CV Blog:

Your personal/employment blog positions in the same way as any other website or Blog that you have and you can control it and access it in the same way. Backlinking and sharing your page is key to rising in the search engines. This is true whether it is via LinkedIn or not.

Resume CV Writing Services in Warsaw

The use of social networks with your profile exposes your information to them, just as you expose it to the Internet creating a Blog to show your information. While there are people who have no reservations when it comes to sharing any type of information on social networks, regarding your work you should deal with it in a CV style and in a more serious and professional way. You can also create a Blog for your CV that can be accessed from your normal Blog: As long as you do not have  duplicate content, from your normal Blog you can create a link to your Blog and get your CV viewed. You may need a Professional CV Writing Services.

CV Writing Services and Job Sites in Poland

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