LinkedIn or Left Behind

LinkedIn is a social community oriented to employees, recruitment agencies, businesses and employers. Based on the profile of each user, who freely reveals their work experience and their skills in a real work curriculum, the website places you within a vast network of companies in the global marketplace.

Launching in 2002, the social network or professional network, soon launched on stock market and had an immediate impact with rising share prices and investment. It now has well over 300 million users in virtually every country in the world. For head hunters and recruitment agencies, it is the GO TO place to find the talent they are looking for. It became the first American social network to launch on the stock market, with an initial price of US $ 45. The reception of the social network by investors was such that their shares rose 110% and their stock amount reached $ 9 billion.

LinkedIn can be used for the following:
Users can essentially upload their curriculum vitae or design their own profile in order to show work experiences and professional skills.
Job seekers can review the profile of HR directors and find out which of their existing contacts can be presented.
Users can upload their own photos and view photos of others to help identify it.
Users can follow different companies and can receive a notification about the possible mergers and offers available.
Users can save jobs they would like to request.
Users can see which and how many users have seen their profile.
The “gated-access” approach (where contact with any professional requires prior authorization, either through an existing relationship or with the intervention of a contact between them) intends to foster trust among users of the service.

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