Jobs in Automotive – The Basics

The automotive industry began in the 1890’s and is now a huge global force. For many decades, the United States brought a large production of automobiles to the world. In the year 1929, before the Great Depression, there were 32,000,500 automobiles in the world, of which the American automobile industry produced around 89%. After the Second World War, the US produced about 76% of the world’s automobile production. In the 80’s, the United States was overtaken by Japan, who later became the world production leader until 1995.

Jobs in Production – The Importance of Safety
In the automotive industry, safety means that users do not have to face any risk or danger from the vehicle. Safety in the automotive industry is very important, and therefore subject to numerous regulations. Cars and other motor-driven vehicles have to comply with a series of rules and regulations, both local and international, to be accepted in the market. In case of safety problems, danger, defective product or a wrong procedure during the manufacturing of the car, the manufacturer can stop the production request the total stop of some unit or series of production. This procedure is called product removal.

The automotive industry remains in constant concern due to the state of withdrawal of products, due to the financial consequences that this entails.

In new car markets, vehicles that have an established status within the market are purchased to ensure their sale. Emerging markets accounted for 51 percent of global vehicle sales in 2010; the study expects this trend to accelerate.

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