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The preparation of a Curriculum vitae is the most important step in any job search. Often the
curriculum vitae (CV) is the first contact with the future employer; so, the CV should call immediately the attention of those that are going to hire you. Here is a list of tips to help you succeed.

 – Employers do not usually spend more than a minute on each CV when they make their first Initial selection among the received applications. Therefore, if a CV does not have a good immediate impression, it will be thrown in the bin.

 – Take care of the professionalism of the writing of your CV. Present your qualifications and competences clearly and logically, to highlight your personal value.

 – Do not forget any important details and especially ensure clear contact details.

– A CV should be brief: in most cases, two pages will suffice to highlight a personal profile; three pages may be too much in many countries, even if the work experience is excellent.

– When the professional experience is still short (if you have just left the educational system), describe at first education and training received and then mention internships or training periods.

– Concentrate on essential data that favors the role and your candidacy: you can omit the work experiences and the old or irrelevant training if it is totally irrelevant.

 – Adapt your CV to the specific role or job, systematically checking your CV every time you plan to send it to an employer, to see if it corresponds with the required profile; highlighting personal benefits that meet the specific requirements of the position to which you aspire.

– Come across as if you have a good knowledge of the company and do your research.  Every manager wants to hear how great their company is(do not overdo it)

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