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The first page of the CV should contain practically all the core information you wish to convey via an original Profile, Skills (Usually Tabled) and Notable Achievements section.   It is also extremely important when writing any Healthcare/Medical CV, to clarify required certificates and specific departmental areas of expertise.  When applying for any Healthcare role, be it for a multinational, agency or a community organisation, it is imperative that you’re CV and Cover Letter reflects your innate ability as a talented, enthusiastic and progressive Healthcare professional.  The CV must demonstrate your talents at multitasking, working within multidisciplinary medical teams, delivering on targets and contributing as part of a successful culture within the organisation . 

Our clients say

"Very happy with the service, especially at such short notice. My old CV was doing me no favours. After trying to rewrite the CV myself over 3 days, I wish I had got your help sooner. Amazing CV that I am sure will get the job done. Thanks again."
Hilary - HR Manager - uk
"Hi Seanie, The Cover Letter and CV look great, I am very happy with them. The vague aspects of my CV have been replaced by specifics, which is exactly what I could not achieve myself. I already have an interview in the morning."
Brand manager - marketing professional
"CV looks brilliant. How you managed to fit into 2 pages was incredible. CV looks so much different and so much better. I have added the dates as requested. It was too Project Management focused and also removed mention of COMPANY. I may add additional info, but am sure this can be amended when applying for different type of roles? Again you have done an incredible job. I agree, my different roles have not exactly been consistent so it did make it harder to edit but you did it better than I could have ever dreamed of doing. Other than minor changes I am thrilled with what you have done for me."
Eddie, Technology Director/Territory Manager

Platinum Package CV – Page 2

This should only serve to reinforce and reflect much of the various factual statements that is reflective of a successful medical and healthcare career.  A normal  ‘Run-of-the-Mill’ CV and Cover Letter that is void of specific job-related skills, Keywords and Power Verbs is probably going to do you more harm than good.  In all roles, but most especially in Healthcare, matching your unique skills to the specific role is Key to making a successful job application. Regardless of the Healthcare role, there is unique and fundamental information that needs to be conveyed in a clear and professional manner. 

Healthcare and Medical CV - Framework

Specific, Targeted and Professional

Fill the CV and Cover Letter with job-specific education, certs, experience and skills that match the Job Spec. 

ATS Friendly

Power Verbs to pass the ATS Software (It is important not to use too many).

Training and Upskilling

Include professional in-house Courses,  Medical Board Memberships, Awards and Accolades from previous employers, companies or organisations.

Multitasking and Professional Development

Highlight Successful Completion of Projects, Courses and required industry standard ongoing training that reflects a progressive and interested applicant. 

Clarity and Likeability

Design your CV in an easy-to-read format. Convey a warm writing style that avoids a Robotic factual-based document.

Avoid Repetition

Avoid Repetitive skills, targets, achievements and daily tasks. Keep it fresh and informative.  



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