Functionalities and Interface of Xing

The graphical user interface is multilingual and considers only users in the search functionality that speak the same language. For now, the system interface offers the following languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch and nine other languages.

Apart from contact management for its database, Xing also offers a public calendar of events, which are presented to the user by thematic or geographical order. In addition, the “events” function can be used to manage the personal agenda. Xing allows interaction among users through discussion forums on many areas, which can be open to the public or closed to internal use for organizations and companies.

In addition to the online offer, there are many regional and offline groups that organize networking events where users can know each other better. Each user has his own message box that has a notification system to the usual mailbox and privacy settings to receive only personally elected messages. Messages in the mailbox can only be read through the Xing webpage. Users can also contact each other through other means such as: instant messages or VoIP calls through Skype or telephone and with a prior permission or with entry to the guest book.

Xing also offers a job portfolio, XING Employment. Platform users can offer or search for jobs or work projects. In addition, an “intelligent” algorithm relates the offers published with the user’s profile and suggests the most appropriate ones according to the information provided. Another novelty is the payment of the ads by users interest, measured in the amount of clicks per ad and called cost-per-click (CPC) ads.

At the same time, companies can also register through Xing Company Profile Branding where they can publish information related to the company, communicate with professionals, be connected with the profiles of their employees, post job offers to find the best candidates, create events and hire the advertising campaigns that are offered on the same platform.

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