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In the last 5 years, the Executive Cover Letter has become the secret tool of every Director, CEO, Management professional or Project Manager looking to give themselves the upper hand during the recruitment process.  The business world has become so fluid, changeable, and unpredictable that a Resume or CV on their own merit, is only one tool you can utilise to communicate your expertise, skills, and achievements in a succinct, direct and effective manner.  When writing an Executive cover letter that is engaging and keyworded, it is important to convey your unique leadership qualifications, achievements, and expertise in a concise and impactful manner.  Many CEO’s and Board members will not read a Resume without a Strong Cover Letter.   At Pro CV we have the hands-on experience and knowledge to bring your Cover Letter to a totally different level. It is quite feasible you will see immediate results.

Our clients say

"Very happy with the service, especially at such short notice. My old Cover was doing me no favours. After trying to rewrite it over 3 days, I wish I had got your help sooner. Amazing CV and Cover Letter that I am sure will get the job done. Thanks again."
Hilary - HR Manager - uk
"Hi Seanie, The Cover Letter and CV look great, I am very happy with them. The vague aspects of my CV have been replaced by specifics, which is exactly what I could not achieve myself. I already have an interview in the morning."
Brand manager - marketing professional
"CV looks brilliant. How you managed to fit into 2 pages was incredible. CV looks so much different and so much better. I have added the dates as requested. It was too Project Management focused and also removed mention of COMPANY. I may add additional info, but am sure this can be amended when applying for different type of roles? Again you have done an incredible job. I agree, my different roles have not exactly been consistent so it did make it harder to edit but you did it better than I could have ever dreamed of doing. Other than minor changes I am thrilled with what you have done for me."
Eddie, Technology Director/Territory Manager

Start Opening Executive Doors!

We will start with a keyworded and ATS friendly opening, along with a compelling introduction that grabs the reader’s attention. We will then highlight your executive-level experience, showcase your executive-level achievements, whilst emphasizing your ability to drive results, lead teams, and make strategic decisions using quantifiable metrics or specific examples to demonstrate your impact. We will then align with the company’s goals, demonstrating your understanding of the company’s mission, values, and strategic objectives. We will show your cultural fit by focusing on key competencies that are required for the executive position, along with your history of doing same.  Lastly, we will proofread and edit the document, align it with specific roles and ensure it is an extremely useful tool in getting you the roles you deserve.  The power of an exceptional Cover Letter will literally blow your mind. Order now! Start opening doors.

Gold Package CV - Framework

Productive and Professional

Filled with positive qualities and specific skills that match the Job Spec. These need to be at the forefront of your CV and Cover Letter.

ATS Friendly

Power Verbs to pass the ATS Software (It is important not to use too many).

Training and Upskilling

Include professional in-house Courses,  Awards and Accolades from previous employers, companies or organisations.


Highlight Successful Completion of Projects and the ability to multitask, both in your current role and those related to the Job Spec.

Clarity and Likeability

Design your CV in an easy-to-read format. Convey a warm writing style that avoids a Robotic Factual-based document.

Avoid Repetition

Avoid Repetitive skills, targets, achievements and daily tasks. Keep it fresh and informative.  

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the gold package
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Hands-on Experience Writing CV’s for All Sectors, All Roles and All Industries!

Business, Consulting and Management – Sales, Sales Management and Business Development – Accountancy, Banking and Finance – CEO – Marketing, advertising and PR – Media and internet – Charity and Voluntary work – Creative Arts and Design – Energy and utilities – Engineering and manufacturing – Environment and Agriculture – Healthcare – Nursing – Medical – Hospitality and events management Information technology – Law enforcement and Security – Leisure, sport and tourism – Property and Construction – Public services and administration – Recruitment and HR – Retail – Science and pharmaceuticals – Social care, Healthcare and Community Care – Teacher training and education – Transport and Logistics.

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