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The search for employment is increasingly changing and dynamic, especially since the advent of the internet and a whole array of online forums to market yourself and upload your CV. Any resemblance to what existed a decade ago is purely coincidental. Both candidates and recruiters are part of an immense network of people, in which supply and demand tend to meet in increasingly informal ways. Social networks continue to add great value to these processes.

In this situation we can consider: is the CV the best way to get in touch with the industry circles that will decide if your career is going to progress.  In the last few years, professional biographies have been making their way into job search tools, and especially into LinkedIn. They have also been popping up as a sort of Cover Letter when sending out CV’s or Resumes via Email.

What is a Professional Biography?

A complement to your CV,  it will describe what and where you have studied, what professional experience you have or the languages ​​and computer programs and softwares you use, all in a summarized and schematic way.  Wherever you intend to focus your career will determine the style and formatting of same. It is best defined as a global letter of presentation, not for a job offer but for about a specific person. It is sent along with your resume and is intended not only to save the employer time, but to increase your chances of landing the job.

How do I write a personal biography?

The first thing you must decide is the formatting, design and content.  Our recommendation is that you follow the following steps:

Step 1. Collect and select highlights about your career and the unique attributes you bring to the table. Make a kind of introspective brainstorm about yourself; (more people can participate if you see it necessary but you are the person who directs the process). That fundamental fact that decides you to study a career, those practices in which you managed to integrate perfectly into a work group, that stay abroad in which you improved your skills, that achievement of which you are satisfied and makes you stand out, that description that your professional friends makes of you( especially on LinkedIn).

 Step 2. It is always best to be short, direct and impactful than going on a long and difficult journey to explain yourself.  Nobody knows more about you than yourself. You just have to analyze yourself and think about your life trajectory.

Step 3. Be careful not to repeat the same words or phrases, especially if it happens to be in a sector where technical lingo is bloated about a lot.  Use phrases that are simple and make sure you come across professional. A good trick is to print what is written and correct this on paper. Another good idea is to pass the wording to another person for their honest opinion. One last piece of advice is to let a few days pass and read it again before sending it out. After a little time, I’m sure you can come up with some way to make your biography even better and brighter. Do not make the mistake of forgetting the most important thing, contact details.

As for the format, choose one that reflects your style. You can study the hundreds of biographies that you will find in a brief search on the internet.  Remember that the more sincere and original you are the more impact you will have on your potential employers. And the impact is directly related to the chances of being called for an interview so make a great first impression and you can make a giant leap forward in your career.

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