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At PRO CV we make professional stand out CV’s, translating them from any language into English and creating a document one can send to any company. We specialisz in writing CV’s resumes and LinkedIn Profiles for the Global market; targeting small, medium and large multinational companies all over the globe. Get an exceptional English Language CV and increase tour job prospects now.

Formatting your CV
If you really want your CV to stand out, you will need a good design or a good CV template and a correct format that that is suited to the industry or sector. So, here are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves when planning a CV, Resume, Cover Letter or LinekdIn Profile.

1. Why is it so important for to include specific achievements in the CV?

2. What do we consider professional achievements?

3. How to describe achievements in a CV?

4. Order and hierarchy of achievements in the CV

5. Adaptation of achievements and where best placed

6. Keywords and action verbs to define achievements

1. Why is it so important for companies to include achievements in the curriculum?

Although it is increasingly common to find achievements in the curriculum, it is still not widespread. It is still more common in a management curriculum, but we can all include achievements in the CV independently of the seniority of the position. If you include your specific achievements in the CV, the attention of the recruiter will be fixed on positives.

2. What do we consider professional achievements?
When I speak of achievements, I refer to positive results, not nessarrily great successes, extraordinary results or special prizes. We all produce some positive results. It is true that there are more routine jobs where there is less opportunity to demonstrate our value or to optimize something.

It takes so much to recapitulate, quantify and evaluate the impact of our work, so attention to your work and quantify (for instance, how many commercial calls You make a on a good day, what average of clients leave satisfied after being served by you, what improvements you have introduced, how many failures you have detected, how many incidents you have managed, how many business contacts have you made, how many records are you able to validate in a day, claim satisfaction of defaults, etc.) .

3. How to describe achievements in a curriculum
The first thing is to identify good results in the performance of our functions. Once you have all of them identified, ask yourself the following questions to begin describing them: What did you do exactly? How does it impact the company, department or client? Sometimes you will have to put a bit of context to make it better understood.


Some examples of achievements in the curriculum in which we speak in the first person plural (we) or refer to the team:

– We got the official badge as preferred supplier.

– My sales team increased the company’s turnover by 50%.

An example of achievement in a CV in which it is noted that the achievement is directly attributable to the person:

– I personally carried out the Due Diligence of the more than 10 acquisitions.

– Responsible for increasing the activity of sales team.

You can also indicate achievements in a depersonalized way.

– Increase of 29% of the operating margin, through the diversification of sales teams.

– Consolidated savings of 24% in the execution budgets of new works.

5. Order and hierarchy of achievements in the curriculum

Not all achievements are equally important, the most relevant or impressive position must be in first place and do not be afraid to elaborate on same.

6. Adaptation of achievements to the specific job offer

Closely related to the above, in the description of the offer you have to detect which aspects are most valued by the potential employer. It will also help you to know / investigate the company to adapt your achievements based on what the company will value more.

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