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Though the CV formats differ in certain elements from that of an international format, the main negative aspect of writing and formatting your own CV as a non-native speaker is the obvious tone and language differences. We can create a stand-out CV that you can send into any international company, multinational or tech company. Based in Ireland and the UK, we have clients all over the globe. We understand how to get your CV to the top and assist 1000’s of jobseekers in finding work. If you are sending in sub-standard badly written CV in English, then please STOP. Let us take over from here.

In Finland we have worked with clients in cities such as: Tampere, Espoo Turku, Vantaa, Helsinki, Oulu, Lahti and Kuopio
In Iceland we have worked with clients in cities such as: Hafnarfjoerdur, Kopavogur, Reykjavik, Akureyri, Gardabaer, Mosfellsbaer and Akranes.

What every employer is searching for in the Voluntary Sector;

1 A person with a strong vision of solidarity and commitment for the causes and goals of the company
2 A mature candidate, with organizational experience and social skills and the ability to participate in teamwork and communication.
3 A person without fear of calculated risk and with the ability to face new challenges, with sufficient versatility to face changing or complicated situations.

Volunteering to Get Experience in a Multinational Organisation
1 Know how an organization is structured and works
Experience in volunteering contributes to your CV and develops core skills in how an organization works and develops on a daily basis. You will understand firsthand the different roles of each worker and the structure of the department. In addition, you will learn to work as a team fighting for a cause and common objectives, which is applied and highly valued in the field of companies.

2 Achieve skills and technical knowledge
During the volunteer work you will learn to handle different tools and work methodologies. But above all you will learn to work with a smile, and you will grow as a person and as a professional. On the other hand you will also have a great opportunity to create future professional contacts within your sector or industry, not to mention the many friends that you will take from this experience. You will also gain organizational and conflict resolution skills, you will also learn to collaborate as a team, and finally, depending on the voluntary work you choose, you will learn unique and invaluable skills specific to your work.

3 Experience in other areas different from their environment
An experience in volunteering will let you understand the new realities that are very different from yours and will provide you with the capacity for reflection, analysis and decision, very important values for the development of your professional life.

4 Being a communicative, sensitive and social person
A trained professional with a collaborative attitude is fundamental for any company, but in addition, to achieving success in one’s professional career it is essential to have social skills and know how to present your ideas, transmitting them to your team or clients, and what is more important have a certain power of conviction.

5 Acquire responsibilities and learn to manage situations
Learning to manage the time and activities you want to perform is essential to be a successful professional, volunteering will teach you to acquire more responsibility and professionalism in everything that you involve. You will have more resources to face any work conflict and you can mediate much better with any situation.

In Sweden we have worked with clients in: Linkoping, Uppsala, Stockholm, Malmoe, Jonkoping, Goeteborg, Huddinge, Orebro Vasteras and Helsingborg.
In Norway we have worked with clients in cities such as: Bergen, Trondheim, Fredrikstad, Oslo, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Drammen, Skien, Sandnes, Tromso and Sarpsborg

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