CV Writing Services Dublin


Employers do not usually spend more than 10 seconds reading a CV before throwing it away. Therefore, if a CV does not have a good immediate impression, it will be thrown in the bin.

The preparation of a Curriculum vitae is the most important step in any employment or job search. Your CV is the first impression for future employer and should impress them within 7 seconds or else it is likely to be binned. 

Take care of the professionalism; design and formatting of your CV. Present your education, qualifications and competences clearly and logically, to highlight your personal value.

Do not forget any important educational details and ensure your contact details are included.

A CV for the Irish Market and for Dublin Employers should be concise and brief.When the professional experience is still short (if you have just left the educational system), describe your educational details first.  

Adapt your CV to the specific role or job, systematically checking your CV every time you plan to send it to a new employer.

Come across as if you have good knowledge of the company by doing your research.  Every manager wants to hear how great their company is and how it is improving the world (do not overdo it). Use our Resume Writing Service and get the right CV for the role you are targeting.

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