CV Advice Ireland – Writing a CV that is a Marketing Document

One of the main functions, if not the only function of a good CV is to advertise YOU. When I say YOU, I mean your skills, achievement and talents for that particular job. It is therefore imperative that 100% of what you write on your CV is 100% directed in a way that will effectively sell you as an employee.

Firstly, put yourself firmly in the position of the employer, recruiter or HR manager. Think about the vacancy, the company and how they do business. Who would they be looking for? what skills are they seeking? How can they justify hiring you? Why would they call you for an interview?

The person hiring you has no interest in what YOU WANT. This is a harsh fact, but its true. Do not write tons of information just to fill up the page. Make sure the content simply focuses on what they are looking for and how you can meet their needs. IT IS SIMPLE. They have a need. You have qualities that will fill their need. Make sure you tell them that!!!

Remember the 7 second rule.

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