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CV Writing Service in Cork City and County
Let us cut straight to the chase – writing your own CV is not only a waste of time, it damages your chances of getting that interview you want, and without you even knowing it, it can be the sole reason for your frustration at finding work. We help people all over Cork City and County, as well as all over Ireland, by creating neatly designed, professionally-written CV’s, Cover letters and Resumes, that will make sure you are viewed in the best possible light.

The CV Problem
For some reason, many people still believe that creating their own CV is a perfectly sensible act to do. It may have been true 20 years ago, but not so today. The influx of Multinational companies to both Cork City and County, and indeed throughout Ireland, and the huge bank of EU workers, gives employers, big and small, national and international, a massive database of skilled workers that compete for each position. I mean, Would you fix your own car? Would you represent yourself at a court house – and realistically believe you would have any chance of succeeding …then why do you write your own CV and expect it to be more professional those that have applied for the same position with a professionally written and designed CV?.

National and International Companies – Big and Small
We are a small but professional group of writers and designer that know how to create the best CV’s for each profession and sector. We worked on CV’s for some of Ireland’s largest employers, and we have helped people in Cork City and County create and design CV’s for companies such as Pfizer Inc, Novartis , Apple, R&D Logitech,, EMC Corporation the Heineken Brewery and Beamish and Crawford brewery. Student and Graduate CV’s are something we are very good at – but we are equally proficient in creating CV’s for those seeking employment at management or supervisor level.

CV Writing Service Ballincollig
We have created 100’s of CV’s for Jobseekers based in Ballincollig and the surrounding suburbs of Cork City, many of which were for employment opportunities in Australia and Canada. Companies these jobseekers were applying to include: Irish Bacon Slicers, Gunpowder Mill, Door Depot, Mycro Sportsgear and Cloghroe Joinery. We do CV’s, Resumes and Cover letters for all industries and professions.

CV Writing Service Carrigaline
As Carrigaline is one of the largest towns in Cork, we frequently deal with people that are applying for full-time and part-time employment in Carrigaline, Cork or the rest of Ireland. We have worked with jobseekers who have applied for Jobs in Carrigaline Computers, The Abbey Bar & Restaurant, PepsiCo Ireland, Carrigaline Court Hotel, AIB Carrigaline, Dunnes Stores and The Co-Op Superstore – many of which have been offered positions.

CV Writing Service Cobh
Cobh is a large town outside Ireland, famous for its tourist industry and of course, The Titanic, which docked here before setting sail. Today, the economy of Cobh is closely intertwined with Cork City and the surrounding Suburbs. We have designed and written CV’s to target Cobh businesses such as;
The Titanic Experience, Irish Rail, Intreo Centre Cobh, ALDI, Cobh Museum and Tregan Craft Centre. Let us take over your CV needs today.

CV Writing Service Midleton
Midleton is a vibrant City that is the home of Jameson Irish whiskey and Midleton Irish Whiskey Distillery, which are both huge tourist attraction to the local area and to Cork in general. Obviously, this makes Midleton somewhat of a tourist town, but it also has many large employers including; Midleton College, Midleton Park Hotel, Sage Restaurant Gate Multiplex, Eflexes, AIB and Midleton Credit Union.

CV Writing Service Mallow
Mallow is home to Kostal, one of Co. Cork’s largest employers, and a huge bonus to the local economy, We have worked with many jobseekers in filling out applications and sending in CV’s for Kostal Mallow, Mallow Heritage Centre, Cork Racecourse, CrossFit Mallow, Mallow College, Mallow General Hospital and Kostal. Let us help you design a job-winning CV today.

CV Writing Service Youghal
Youghal is a seaside town in Co. Cork, with an array of small-to-medium businesses, that are usually in need of staff during the summer months. The main industries in Youghal are fishing and tourism. We have designed many CV’s for companies in Youghal such as; Aura Leisure Centre, Youghal, The Old Imperial Hotel, Bank of Ireland and AIB Bank. We have also dealt with a number of smaller businesses in the town.

CV Writing Service Bandon
We have written CV’s in Bandon for such companies as Bandon Vale Fine Cheeses, Face rock creamery and Bandon Vegetable Factory. Bandon is a secret hub for organic foods, cheeses and an array of small agricultural and food enterprises that have seasonal employment needs to fill during the summer months.

CV Writing Service Fermoy
Fermoy is a busy town in Co. Cork, which is closely linked to the motorway for Dublin. It is an extremely bust transport Hub. Companies in Fermoy include; The Silver Pail Dairy, The Beauty Factory, AIB Bank Fermoy, SouthDoc and of course, the Faber-Castell factory.

CV Writing Service Passage West and Blarney & Tower
Passage West and Ringaskiddy, are home to many huge factories including Pfizer, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson, which have huge employment needs all year round, especially for graduates and those with specialist training and education.

CV Writing Service Skibbereen and Bantry – West Cork
West Cork may not have many huge factories or large multinational employers, but it has a thriving craft and organic/food industry that is growing all the time. From the small fishing villages of Union Hall, to the thriving tourist towns of Bantry and Skibbereen, there is work to be found in West Cork – and we can write and design a professional CV that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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