A CV of Clarity Professionalism and Relevance

What are the Differences between a Resume and a CV when applying for Technical Roles?. In Practical terms there is really no difference between a Resume and a CV except that the Resume is usually an American term and requires a format that is relevant to the sector, industry or position that one is applying for. Take for instance when one is applying for a technical role.
Often the most important aspect of resume when applying for a technical role are certificates and ongoing training that is an absolute requirement for working in such a position, especially within a large multinational facility like Glaxo, Johnson and Johnson or any large scale Petrochemical Facility.

This is especially true when it comes to Manufacturing, pharmaceutical, engineering or any offshore or on-shore position. Another stand-out aspect of your resume should be Health and Safety considerations and training that has been completed in regards to on-site Health and Safety. This must be mentioned first and foremost on a resume that is targeted towards high-pressure petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas nuclear Industries. As much of this industry is Project Lead there should also be a breakdown of each project in relation to the role you are applying for. There’s no point listing 60 or 70 projects when many of them would be for completely different working environments.

For instance, if one is applying for a job in an offshore environment, then obviously the offshore positions that you have experience working in should be mentioned first on the career summary or profile section of your Resume . When targeting technical positions, you should have no long descriptions, cutting straight to the point. The formatting is especially important as it allows the perspective employer to understand what the job Seeker is bringing to the table in as little time as possible. Every HR manager and Recruitment Consultants has to justify to Seniority or other Managers why he or she has sent you forward for the interview. Make their jobs easy and increase your chances of getting the interview by giving them what they need. Clarity. Professionalism. Relevance.

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