Best CV Service Ireland – What character details are best to avoid?

Although irregular hobbies demonstrate an open mind and an alternative means of thinking, most employers may not look on it kindly. If you followed Gary Numan across Europe in the 1980’s this is not a firm ground to introduce yourself to employers. Most employers care not to read hobbies, however it is always a good tip to stick to the typical ones. Sports, Reading, Baking are all firm favourites.

On the other hand, it is imperative that you create a sense of likeability to any potential employer, which means if they play Golf, it can only benefit you to identify with him/her. Obviously, we cannot tell who will be reading it, or what hobbies they will have, so it is always a safe bet to write down the usual hobbies(these days there may not be a USUAL hobby), but keep it general and open-ended.

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