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Noted as the world’s largest professional services firm, providing extensive and wide ranging auditing, consulting and legal and fiscal advice to large companies, institutions and governments at a national, international and global level, in Ireland they provide Taxation, Auditing and financial consultancy and are constantly searching for talent, especially when it comes to Graduates that they can train into their company ethos.

Given Internationally, that there are a total of 464 Financial Times Global 500 companies have been clients of PwC during fiscal year 2013, there is a huge array of different roles available. PwC, which employs more than 200,000 people in 156 countries, earned worldwide revenues of $ 36.1 billion in the year ended July 30, 2015, leading both growth and revenue for the top 4. In 2017 PwC was renowned as the most prestigious and powerful consultancy firm in the world and earned the highest score (AAA +) for the seventh consecutive year, and was recognized as an “exceptionally solid and well-managed” brand.

Although its origins go back to 1849, the current configuration of the company is the result of the merger between Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand. From a legal point of view, PwC is a network of independent and local-owned firms that share the same brand and a series of quality methodologies and standards.

When applying to such a hugely organised and powerful company, one must take into consideration the protocols of the HR departments, the professionalism of the CV and Cover Letter and the absolute certainty that every single word will be scrutinised for errors.

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