About Pro CV

Experienced – Professional – Personable

As a Creative Writer and Copywriter I have always fully believed that communication through words is an extremely powerful tool. This is why I started PRO CV and why we have been so successful in getting jobseekers just like you the dream jobs you deserve. With 20 years experience as a creative writer, much of that devoted to technical writing and copywriting, I understand how to grasp the essential needs of my clients in order to relay their skills, experience and education in a clear, professional and concise manner.

In the overstretched world of the modern employer, writer or recruitment consultant, the words “Faster!”, “Get to the Point!” and “10 seconds!” have now become mantras that they live by. It is not a question of how much information you include on your CV, but how fast and clear you can get your message across.

As the founder of PRO CV, I also work with writers and Recruitment experts with broad expertise across Human Resources, Business, Marketing and Sales. Between us we have the combined skills, knowledge and education to take your CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn profile to the next level. Most importantly, we are writers that can communicate and write in a professional well-designed manner in order to land you the interview or job that you are targeting.

We have a personable approach to our writing that makes you an attractive prospect for any employer or recruiter. Let us help you by helping potential employers see your potential. Order online or call me now and let PRO CV take care of your CV needs now.