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I started Pro CV in Killarney, Co. Kerry, with the aim of serving the whole of Ireland through providing a streamlined online CV writing service.  With a passion for creative writing and the English-language, I have steadily increased my client list, referrals and online presence by going above-and-beyond for all of my clients.  Improving my skills over the years by writing 1000+ CV’s for clients,  I have realistic and up-to-date knowledge that can assist you, the client, in obtaining an exceptional CV. I have finished job-winning CV’s for clients across Ireland, targeting practically every role, sector and industry.  I can create and design CV’s that always pass Applicant Tracking Systems, Keyword Software and the multitude of different in-house HR Software that is designed to weed out badly written CV’s.   Due to my extensive experience dealing with Irish and International employers,   I can bring additional knowledge that is always extremely beneficial to our Irish clients.

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