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I started Pro CV in Co. Kerry, Ireland, with the aim of  providing a streamlined online CV writing service.  With a passion for creative writing and the English-language, I have steadily increased my client list, referrals and online presence by going above-and-beyond for all of my clients.  Improving my skills over the years by writing 100’s of job-winning CV’s for clients,  I have realistic and up-to-date knowledge that can assist you, the client, in obtaining an exceptional CV. I have finished job-winning CV’s for clients across Ireland, targeting practically every role, sector and industry.  I can create and design CV’s that always pass Applicant Tracking Systems, Keyword Software and the multitude of different in-house HR Software that is designed to weed out badly written CV’s.   Due to my extensive experience dealing with Irish and International employers,   I can bring additional knowledge that is always extremely beneficial to our Irish clients.

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    Why invest in a professional CV when I can do it myself?

    Many people spend valuable time and energy building a successful career, going back to education and working extremely hard within their daily work; only to fail utterly at communicating their core skills, experience and education on their CV and Cover Letter. This is a real tragedy as it negatively effects their career prospects. Writing your own CV is akin to building a house and describing it as a shed. It destroys your chances of really selling your unique attributes and experience. 

    It goes without saying that an investment into a newly rewritten CV is probably the greatest money you will ever spend.  Yet many job-seekers are still slow to invest in this important document,  feeling they can sit at home for an hour and string something together for FREE.  If you think of all the chances lost, the job opportunities you did not get, the wage increase you may have been offered, then writing your own CV is probably the most expensive action you will ever undertake. What do most people know about Writing, Formatting and Keywording on a CV? Nothing. Most people do not get the interview. Most people stay stagnant in their careers. Most people have a job-losing CV that destroys their career prospects. Most people have no idea how to write a successful and relevant CV and Cover Letter.

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