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A Uniquely Irish CV Company

Hailing from Killarney, Co. Kerry, I have always had a passion for creative writing and the English-language, putting it to use over the years, firstly by assisting family and friends, and then steadily making the art of CV writing into a career. Improving my skills over the years by writing 1000+ CV’s for clients, I have a realistic and up-to-date knowledge that can assist you, the client, in obtaining an exceptional CV. I have finished job-winning CV’s for clients across Ireland, targeting practically every role, sector and industry.  I can create and design CV’s that always pass Applicant Tracking Systems, Keyword Software and the multitude of different in-house HR Software that is designed to weed out badly written CV’s. It is extremely important to understand what specific POWER VERBS and KEYWORDS employers are looking for on the CV and Cover Letter. Due to my extensive experience dealing with Irish Employers,   I can bring additional knowledge that is always extremely beneficial to my Irish clients.

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