Why am I a professional CV writer?

I am a professional CV writer because I love the power of words and how they can communicate specifics in a manner that can help my clients. I take great satisfaction in watching my clients succeed within a competitive jobs market.  I also have an eye for identifying and communicating the positives,  expanding on them until a CV and Cover Letter has a job-winning tone that is energized, easy-to-read and relevant.  I simply love writing an amazing CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile that places them on the ‘Interview’ list.  If you want to start the CV writing process with me,  simply email me your CV for a no-obligation CV review.  I promise to go above-and-beyond in order for you to get the job you deserve. 


Why a Professional CV is a ‘Must have’ and not a ‘Might have’!

Firstly, having a sub-standard CV is a total disaster for your career prospects. Even a non-competitive role may have 50 applications, many of which will come with a strong CV and Cover Letter. Can you imagine a potential employer reading your mundane CV, void of keywords, core skills and successful formats? You are actually better off sending in a blank page.

Secondly, a CV that includes a strong introduction, keywords, ATS power verbs and a professional tone introduces you in a totally different manner. You are now on a different level and your chances of getting the job have hugely increased.  It is a fact (and my experience has shown me this) that a professionally written CV can change your life.


Why invest in a professional CV?

Many people spend valuable time and energy building a successful career, going back to education and working extremely hard within their daily work; only to fail utterly at communicating their core skills, experience and education on their CV and Cover Letter. This is a real tragedy as it negatively effects their career prospects. Writing your own CV is akin to building a house and describing it as a shed. It destroys your chances of really selling your unique attributes and experience. 

It goes without saying that an investment into a newly rewritten CV is probably the greatest money you will ever spend.  Yet many job-seekers are still slow to invest in this important document,  feeling they can sit at home for an hour and string something together for FREE.  If you think of all the chances lost, the job opportunities you did not get, the wage increase you may have been offered, then writing your own CV is probably the most expensive action you will ever undertake. What do most people know about Writing, Formatting and Keywording on a CV? Nothing. Most people do not get the interview. Most people stay stagnant in their careers. Most people have a job-losing CV that destroys their career prospects. Most people have no idea how to write a successful and relevant CV and Cover Letter.

Hands-on Experience Writing CV’s for All Sectors, all Roles and all Industries!

Business, Consulting and Management – Sales, Sales Management and Business Development – Accountancy, Banking and Finance – CEO – Marketing, advertising and PR – Media and internet – Charity and Voluntary work – Creative Arts and Design – Energy and utilities – Engineering and manufacturing – Environment and Agriculture – Healthcare – Nursing – Medical – Hospitality and events management Information technology – Law enforcement and Security – Leisure, sport and tourism – Property and Construction – Public services and administration – Recruitment and HR – Retail – Science and pharmaceuticals – Social care, Healthcare and Community Care – Teacher training and education – Transport and Logistics.

My clients say

"Very happy with the service, especially at such short notice. My old CV was doing me no favours. Amazing CV. Thanks again."
Hilary - HR Manager - uk
"Thanks again Seanie. As you could see, my 11 page CV was all over the place. I cannot believe you got it down to 2 pages and still kept the core aspects of my experience. Excellent Job. I would not hesitate in passing on your details"
thomas - offshore pipefitter
"CV looks brilliant. How you managed to fit into 2 pages was incredible. CV looks so much different and so much better. I have added the dates as requested. It was too Project Management focused and also removed mention of COMPANY. But am sure this can be amended when applying for different type of roles? Again you have done an incredible job. I agree my different roles have not exactly been consistent so it did make it harder to edit but you did it better than I could have ever dreamed of doing. Other than minor changes I am thrilled with what you have done for me. Eddie, Technology Director/Territory Manager "
Timmie Sull
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