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How it Works – The Process

Simply put, you can choose the package you wish to order(Below) and place the order online. If you have any questions, you can make Contact with us in order to speak to our Head CV Writer, who will gather some basic information in order to evaluate costs and time involved.

After the order goes through, we will email you a short list of questions in order to collect the extensive and detailed knowledge that we need to compile your CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn.

The CV will be assigned to an experienced and creative CV writer that is uniquely positioned to create a Job winning CV for you. No stone is left unturned. We focus on professionalism, unique formatting, personalisation, keywording to target market, design and delivery. The current turnaround time is 4-8 working days, although this can vary depending on how busy we are and how much research and work will need to go into your CV.

On the agreed date, we email you a Word and PDF copy of the CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile. We make any changes/amendments/additions you require. We email you the Final Draft; We are now ready to send out your new CV. In addition, we are on hand to make any changes for up to 4 weeks after completion of the final document.

What we believe

We understand that a CV is very much about the quality and clarity of the words and how best to convey your skills, experience, knowledge and education. We also believe that we are the most progressive and experienced CV writers in Ireland, putting grammatical accuracy and easy-to-follow formatting ahead of over-complicated technical lingo. We offer unlimited rewrites on all our packages and a money-back guarantee for those who do not find a noticeable increase in their callbacks for interviews.

PRO CV Pricing

With prices starting at only €99 for The Gold Package, we have 2 other packages that reflect the Seniority of the targeted roles and research and time it takes for us to create an exceptional CV.

If you are unsure about the package that best suits your needs, you can give me a call on 085-8744889 or email me on cv@procv.ie.

At PRO CV we strive to make every CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile unique, powerful and effective. We have seen first-hand how a well written CV can transform ones career prospects from ‘Middle of the Road’ to ‘Ruler of the World’. The Key is in the Quality.

The Process - Final